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The Best Gift for Father’s Day


Father’s day is coming up soon and you should probably start thinking about what kind of gift to buy. It’s easy to get into a rut of buying the same kind of gifts, year after year. No doubt, fathers all over the country will be opening yet another tie or coffee mug and faking enthusiasm.

This year, instead of buying another boring gadget or clothing item, why not give him something that is really useful and could even save his life one day?


Raptorlite tactical flashlights are the world’s brightest flashlights and are so effective, they are used by military and law enforcement personnel. Raptorlite flashlights can be used alone or mounted onto a weapon and can be used in many situations.

We’d go so far as to say that everyone needs a good quality, bright, compact flashlight. If you’re not what your father would do with such a flashlight, consider the list of uses below and think again:


The insanely bright LED flashlight brightly illuminates poorly lit areas inside or outside the home. Using a Raptorlite flashlight reduces your chance of having an accident due to tripping or falling because you cannot see the path in front clearly.

As well as lighting your way, the super-bright light is often enough to put off potential muggers who use the cover of darkness to hide. If you are attacked, you can direct the flashlight directly into the assailant’s eyes to stun and temporarily blind him. Raptorlite flashlights are also heavy-duty enough to be used as a weapon in their own right.


When you’re out in the wilderness without electricity, a bright, reliable flashlight is a necessity. The Raptorlite technical flashlight has a run time of 1.6 hours when on maximum power and runs off rechargeable batteries.

The world’s brightest tactical flashlight illuminates an unbelievable distance so there’s no need to worry about being left in the dark when you pack a Raptorlite flashlight with your camping equipment!


Our tactical flashlights allow you to see your prey clearly, even on the darkest nights and provide illumination up to half a mile away. Raptorlite LED flashlights can be mounted on your weapon or used separately and allow you to spot deer and other animals and aim with maximum accuracy.

For keen night hunters we also stock night vision weapon mounted lights, which use a laser diode with a highly focused beam to see targets clearly with no ambient light.


No need to worry about power cuts when you have a Raptorlite flashlight to hand. Our compact flashlights are also really useful for using in the attic, basement, garage or other areas with insufficient lighting.


Raptorlite LED flashlights include an SOS beam, which emits a blinking beam of light at high intensity. This makes it easy for you to be located by search and rescue teams if you have an accident while outdoors.


Practical applications aside, there’s just no denying that a Raptorlite flashlight is just a cool thing to own. You’ll find it surprisingly entertaining to see just how far the super-bright light illuminates outside at night and anyone else watching is sure to be impressed.

Why not make your father the center of attention this father’s day with a Raptorlite flashlight?

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