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Advantage of a Tactical Flashlight for Personal Safety and Self Defense


Raptorlite SuperBeam     
Aggressive Brightness for You and Your Loved Ones’ Safety – or A MUST for Personal Defense
No matter what you read on personal defense, there are 3 key elements mentioned repeatedly:
1) Prevention
2) Defuse situation or yell as necessary to avoid an attack
3) Be prepared with a plan to fight back should the situation escalate
Prevention Is the Best Self-Defense
Attackers are looking for an easy target.  Certain safety precautions, such as avoiding unlit areas, walking in groups when possible, carrying your keys in hand and carefully checking your surroundings before opening your car or house door; are essential.  Carrying a Raptorlite SB01, is a great deterrent.  It’s small enough to fit in a purse, pocket or car door, so you have readily available, AND it is much brighter than other lights of its size, (illuminating over a ½ mile, and allowing you to see details not possible with other lights from within 50 feet).
Someone carrying a flashlight is providing a message that they are prepared.  Remember - making it less likely to become a victim of violence is THE most important step.
Temporarily Blind an Assailant
Overwhelm your attacker with an extreme blast of light.  Our patented photon focus technology will temporarily blind your assailant allowing you to flee or strike.  The SB01 provides three times more light output than the leading competitor for the tactical advantage.
Re-enforced Attack Bezel
Many recommend becoming familiar with basic self-defense moves (include link below on Basic Self-defense moves copy).
The SB01, provides a last line of defense should you need to fight back.  It is made of airplane grade aluminum with a ridged “attack” bezel, which helps deliver a formidable blow.
Additional Safety Features
Keep the SB01 in your car (car charger also available) and have the standard wall charger near your mobile phone for charging as needed at home.  No more running out of the batteries when you need your light to perform.   
Added safety features include both SOS and strobe functions included with the light. Ensure your family and loved ones are safe.  Keep a Raptorlite readily available as a first line of defense.   Available at or

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